Human richts in Sudan

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Some human richts organisations hae documentit a variety o abuses an atrocities carried oot bi the Sudanese govrenment ower the past several years. The 2009 Human Richts Report bi the Unitit States Department o State notit serious concerns ower human richts violations bi the govrenment an militia groups[1].

Abuses in conflict settings[eedit | eedit soorce]

Conflicts atween the govrenment an rebel groups—the civil war involvin north-sooth tensions, the Darfur conflict involvin Arab-tribesfowk tensions in the Darfur region in the wast—hae resultit in rape, torture, killins, an massive population displacements (estimatit at ower 2 million in 2007), earnin Sudan comparison tae Rwanda in the press. Thare hae an aa been several reportit cases o crucifixions carried oot in Sudan.

Accordin tae the Christian Science Monitor on Mairch 25, 2004:

The Darfur region war boils doun tae this: African tribes hae lang been at odds wi Arab groups in the region ower access tae guid land. Then, last year, twa airmed African groups began a rebellion against the Khartoum regime. The government respondit bi apparently givin military support tae Arab militias. There are reports o Sudanese military planes bombin villages, efter which Arab militias go in an rape an kill survivors.

Ethnic cleansin[eedit | eedit soorce]

The conflict haes been describit bi Mukesh Kapila, UN coordinator for Sudan, as ethnic cleansin, as Black Arab militias cairy oot seestematic massacres o tribesfowk in the Darfur region. Accordin tae Kapila, "The government haes a close knowledge o wha's goin on - an can influence the Arab militia." The UN estimates that 10,000 civilians in the Darfur region hae dee'd sicweys far, an ower 100,000 hae fled intae neighborin Chad.

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