Huldrych Zwingli

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Huldrych Zwingli
Huldrych Zwingli as depictit bi Hans Asper in an ile portrait frae 1531 (Kunstmuseum Winterthur)
Born 1 Januar 1484(1484-01-01)
Wildhaus, Canton o St. Gallen, Swiss Confederation
Died 11 October 1531(1531-10-11) (aged 47)
Kappel, Canton o Zurich, Swiss Confederation
Thrift Pastor, theologian

Huldrych Zwingli[lower-alpha 1] or Ulrich Zwingli [lower-alpha 2] (1 Januar 1484 – 11 October 1531) wis a leader o the Reformation in Swisserland.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Huldrych pronunciation: [ˈhʊltraɪç]; Ulrich: [ˈʊlrɪç]; Zwingli: /ˈzwɪŋɡli/, [ˈtsvɪŋli] (Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary: "Zwingli").
  2. Potter 1976, p. 1. According to Potter, "Huldrych" was the spelling Zwingli preferred. However, Potter uses "Ulrich", while Gäbler, Stephens, and Furcha use "Huldrych". His signature at the Marburg Colloquy was Latinised name "Huldrychus Zwinglius" (Bainton 1995, p. 251). For more on his name, see Rother, Rea. "Huldrych - Ulrich" (in German). Evangelisch-reformierte Landeskirche des Kantons Zürich. Retrieved 2014-03-02.