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Huascarán as viewed frae Callejón de Huaylas
Heichest pynt
Elevation6,768 m (22,205 ft) [1]
Prominence2,776 m (9,108 ft) [2]
Isolation2,196 kilometres (1,365 mi)
LeetinKintra heich pynt
Coordinates09°07′18″S 77°36′15″W / 9.12167°S 77.60417°W / -9.12167; -77.60417Coordinates: 09°07′18″S 77°36′15″W / 9.12167°S 77.60417°W / -9.12167; -77.60417[2]
Huascarán is locatit in Peru
LocationYungay, Peru
Parent rangeCordillera Blanca
Age o rockCenozoic
Muntain teepGranite
First ascentHuascarán Sur: 20 Julie 1932 - Huascarán Norte: 2 September 1908
Easiest routeglacier/snaw/ice climb

Huascarán (Spaingie pronunciation: [waskaˈɾan]) (Quechua: Waskaran) is a moontain in the Peruvian province o Yungay (Ancash Region), situatit in the Cordillera Blanca range o the wastren Andes. The heichest soothreen summit o Huascarán (Huascarán Sur) is the heichest pynt in Peru, the northren pairt o Andes (north o Loch Titicaca) and in aw o the Yird's Tropics. Huascarán is the fowerth heichest moontain in the Wastren Hemisphere an Sooth Americae Efter Aconcagua, Ojos del Salado, an Monte Pissis. The moontain wis named efter Huáscar, a 16th-century Inca emperor who wis the Sapa Inca o the Inca empire.[3]

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