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Midwife check-up.jpg
A pregnant woman receives an ultrasoond examination
Occupation teep
Activity sectors
Midwifery, obstetrics, newborn care, women's health, reproductive health
CompetenciesKnawledge, profeesional behaviour an speceefic skills in faimily plannin, pregnancy, labour, birth, postpartum period, newborn care, weemen's heal, reproductive health, an social, epidemiologic an cultural context o howdiein[1]
Eddication required
  • Bachelor o Howdiein
  • Master o Howdiein
Relatit jobs
obstetrician, gynecologist, pediatrician

A howdie is a professional in howdiein, specialisin in pregnancy, bairnbirth, postpartum, weemen's sexual an reproductive heal (includin annual gynecological exams, family plannin, menopausal care an ithers), an newborn care.[2][1]

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