Houston Astros

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Houston Astros
2020 Houston Astros saison
Established in 1962
Houston-Astros-Logo.svgHouston Astros cap logo.svg
Team logoCap insignia
Major league affiliations
Current uniform
Retired numbers
  • Houston Astros (1965–present)
  • Houston Colt .45s (19621964)
Ither nicknames
  • 'Stros
Major league teetles
Warld Series teetles (1)2017
AL Pennants (1)2017
NL Pennants (1)2005
AL West Diveesion titles (2)
NL Central Division teetles (4)
NL West Division teetles (2)
Wild card berths (3)
Front office
Awner(s)Jim Crane
ManagerA. J. Hinch
General ManagerJeff Luhnow
Preses o Basebaw OperationsJeff Luhnow

The Houston Astros are an American perfaisional basebaw team based in Houston, Texas.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The team's offeecial colours are navy blue an orange, accordin tae the team's mascot (Orbit)'s offeecial wabsteid.[1]

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