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37t Emperor o the Roman Empire
Sestertius Hostilian-s2771.jpg
A coin o Hostilian celebratin Securitas,
the security o the Roman Empire.
Ring251 (wi Trebonianus Gallus)
PredecessorDecius an Herennius Etruscus
SuccessorTrebonianus Gallus an Volusianus
Bornc. 230
Dee'd251 (age 21)
Full name
Gaius Valens Hostilianus Messius Quintus Augustus
MitherHerennia Etruscilla

Hostilian (Laitin: Gaius Valens Hostilianus Messius Quintus Augustus;[1] 230? – 251) wis Roman emperor in 251. Hostilian wis born in Sirmium (now Sremska Mitrovica, Serbie) in Illyricum[2][3] sometime efter 230, as the son o the futur emperor Decius bi his wife Herennia Cupressenia Etruscilla. He wis the younger brither o emperor Herennius Etruscus.

Follaein his faither's accession tae the throne, Hostilian receivit the treatment o a imperial prince, but wis ayes kept in the shade o his brither Herennius, who enjoyed the privileges o bein aulder an heir. In the beginnin o 251, Decius elevatit his son Herennius tae co-emperor an Hostilian succeedit him in the title o princeps iuventutis (prince o youth). Decius an Herennius then set oot on campaign against keeng Cniva o the Goths, tae punish him for raids on the Danubian frontier. Hostilian remained in Roum due tae his inexperience, an empress Herennia wis namit regent.

The campaign pruivit tae be a disaster: both Herennius an Decius dee'd in the Battle o Abrittus an became the first twa emperors tae be killed bi a foreign airmy in battle. The airmies in the Danube acclaimed Trebonianus Gallus emperor, but Roum acknawledgit Hostilian's richts. Syne Trebonianus wis a respectit general, thare wis fear o anither ceevil war o succession, despite the fact that he chose tae respect the will o Roum an adoptit Hostilian. But later in 251, the Plague o Cyprian broke oot in the Empire an Hostilian dee'd in the epidemic. He was the first emperor in 40 years tae dee o natural causes, ane o anerly 13. His daith opened the wey for the rule o Trebonianus wi his natural son Volusianus.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Regnal teetles
Precedit bi
Decius an Herennius Etruscus
Roman Emperor
Servit alangside: Trebonianus Gallus
Succeedit bi
Trebonianus Gallus an Volusianus