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Horemhab, Haremhab
Detail o a statue o Horemheb, at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
Pharaoh of Egyp
Reign 1306 BC (maist likely) or 1319 BC till 1292 BC, 18t Dynasty
Predecessor Ay
Successor Ramesses I
Consort(s) Amenia, Mutnedjmet
Died 1292 BC
Burial KV57
Monuments Memphite Tomb

Horemheb (sometimes spelled Horemhab or Haremhab an meanin Horus is in Jubilation) wis the last Pharaoh o the 18t Dynasty frae either 1319 BC tae late 1292 BC,[1] or 1306 tae late 1292 BC (if he ruled for 14 years) awtho he wis nae relatit tae the precedin ryal faimily an is believed tae hae been o common birth.

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