Hoose o Savoy (Carignano branch)

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The Carignano branch o the Hoose o Savoy wis a cadet branch o the hoose o Savoy that wis foondit bi Thomas Francis o Savoy, Prince o Carignano (21 December 1596 - 22 Januar 1656), an Italian military commander who wis a younger son o Charles Emmanuel I, Duke o Savoy. His descendants were accepted as princes étrangers at the coort o Fraunce, where some held prominent positions. They eventually came tae ring as kings o Sardinie frae 1831 tae 1861, an as kings o Italy frae 1861 until the dynasty's deposition in 1946. The Carignano branch were also, briefly, supplied a king each tae Spain an Croatie, as well as queens consort tae Bulgarie an Portugal. Thee branch tool their name frae their teetle Prince o Carignano. It is also incorrectly cried Savoy-Carignano.

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