Hoose o Lancaster

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Hoose o Lancaster
Arms of Edmund Crouchback, Earl of Leicester and Lancaster.svg
As descendants o the sovereign in the male line the Yerls o Lancaster bore the airms o the kinrick differentiatit bi a label azure of three points each charged with three fleurs de lys Or. The last male o this faimily wis promotit tae duke, that wis then re-creautit for the seicont hoose.
Kintra Kinrick o Ingland
Parent hoose Hoose o Plantagenet
Titles Yerl o Lancaster
Yerl of Leicester
Coont o Champagne an Brie
Laird o Beaufort an Nogent[1]
Yerl o Moray
Yerl Ferrers
Yerl o Derby
Yerl o Salisbury
Yerl o Lincoln
Duke o Lancaster
Foondit 1267
Foonder Edmund Crouchback, 1st Yerl o Lancaster an Leicester
Final ruler Henry of Grosmont, 1st Duke o Lancaster
Current heid Extinct in the male line
Dissolution 1361
Hoose o Lancaster
Arms of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster.svg
Airms o John o Gaunt, the airms o the kinrick differentiatit bi a label ermine. His ryal descendants bore the airms undifferenced
Kintra Royal Arms of England (1399-1603).svg Kinrick o Ingland
France moderne.svg Kinrick o Fraunce
Royal Coat of Arms of the Crown of Castile (1284-1390).svg Kinrick o Castille
PortugueseFlag1385.svg Kinrick o Portugal
Parent hoose House o Plantagenet
Titles Duke o Lancaster
Keeng o Ingland
Keeng o Fraunce
Foondit 1362
Foonder John o Gaunt, 1st Duke o Lancaster
Final ruler Henry VI o Ingland
Current heid Extinct in the male line
Dissolution 1471
Cadet branches

The Hoose o Lancaster wis the name o twa cadet brainches o the ryal Hoose o Plantagenet. The first hoose wis creautit whan Henry III o Ingland creautit the Yerldom o Lancaster—frae that the hoose wis named—for his seicont son Edmund Crouchback in 1267. The seicont hoose o Lancaster wis descendit frae John o Gaunt, that mairied the heiress o the first hoose.

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