Hoose o La Trémoille

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Coat o airms o the hoose o La Trémoille.
The castle o the Dukes o La Trémoille.

The Hoose o La Trémoille is an auld French family which takes its name frae a village (now La Trimouille) in western Fraunce. They are related tae the Princely Hoose o Ligne. The family has been kent since the middle o the 11t century, and since the 14t century its members have been important in French history. They also owned the Hôtel de La Trémoille in Paris.

Dukes o Thouars[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • The heir tae the teetle wis usually cried the Prince o Talmont.
  1. 1541-1577: Louis de La Trémoille mairit Jeanne de Montmorency.
  2. 1577-1604: Claude de La Trémoille mairit Charlotte Brabantine o Orange.
  3. 1604-1668: Henri de La Trémoille mairit Marie de La Tour d'Auvergne.
  4. 1668-1672: Henri Charles de La Trémoille mairit Amélie de Hesse-Cassel.
  5. 1674-1709: Charles Belgique Hollande de La Trémoille mairit Madeleine de Créquy.
  6. 1709-1719: Charles Louis Bretagne de La Trémoille mairit Marie Madeleine Motier de La Fayette.
  7. 1719-1741: Charles Armand René de La Trémoille mairit Marie Hortense de La Tour d'Auvergne.
  8. 1741-1792: Jean Bretagne Charles de La Trémoille mairit Marie Geneviève de Durfort then Marie Maximiliane zu Salm-Kyrburg.
  9. 1792-1839: Charles Bretagne Marie de La Trémoille mairit Louise Emmanuelle de Châtillon then Valentine Eugénie Joséphine Walsh de Serrant.
  10. 1839-1911: Louis Charles de La Trémoille. mairit Marguerite Tanneguy de Duchâtel.
  11. 1911-1921: Louis Charles Marie de La Trémoille mairit Helene Marie Leonie Pillet-Will.