Hoose o Habsburg-Lorraine

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Hoose o Lorraine
Hoose o Habsburg-Lorraine
Habsburg Lorraine Trishield.png
KintraAustrick, Bohemie, Brabant, Flanders, Hungary, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Mexico, Modena an Tuscany
Parent hooseMetz
Current heidKarl von Habsburg
1738 – Francis I ceded title in accordance with the Treaty o Vienna, gaining Tuscany

Haly Roman Empire, Luxembourg,
Brabant, an Flanders

1805 – Francis II & I ceded titles in accordance with the Peace of Pressburg

1847 – Marie Louise died without issue

1859 – Leopold II abdicated due tae pressure frae Italian nationalists

1867 – Maximilian I executed bi Liberal republicans.

Austrick, Hungary an Bohemie:
1918 – Charles I & IV relinquished participation in state affairs following the end o World War I
Cadet branches

The Hoose o Habsburg-Lorraine is a cadet branch o the Hoose o Metz. It inherited the Duchy o Lorraine in 1473 after the deaith o duke Nicholas I, Duke o Lorraine without a male heir. Bi the mairiage o Francis o Lorraine, Duke o Lorraine tae Airchduchess Maria Theresa o Austrick (later Haly Roman Empress) in 1736, and with the success in the ensuing War o the Austrick Succession, the Hoose o Lorraine wis joined tae the Hoose o Habsburg, an wis now known as Habsburg-Lorraine (German: Habsburg-Lothringen). Francis, his sons Joseph II an Leopold II, an ggrandson Francis II were the last four Haly Roman Emperors from 1745 tae the dissolution o the empire in 1806. Habsburg-Lorraine inherited the Habsburg Empire, ruling the Austrick Empire an Austrick-Hungary until the dissolution o the monarchy in 1918. The haed o the hoose is Karl von Habsburg.

Heads o the Hoose o Habsburg-Lorraine[eedit | eedit soorce]

The heir o Franz Joseph, Rudolf, Croun Prince o Austrick, committed suicide in 1889. Franz Joseph wis succeeded bi his grandnephew, Charles I, son o Airchduke Otto Francis, the son o Airchduke Karl Ludwig, a younger brither o Franz Joseph.