Hoose o Gonzaga

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Hoose o Gonzaga
Noble house
Corona de duque.svg
Coat of arms of the House of Gonzaga (1433).svg
Motto: "Conduct us to the Mount"
(Laitin: Ad montem duc nos)
Kintra  Italy
Estates Ducal Pailace (Mantua)
Ducal Pailace (Nevers)
Foondit 1100; 919 years ago (1100)
Foonder Ludovico I Gonzaga
Final ruler Ferdinando Carlo Gonzaga
Current heid Karen Diosa-Gonzaga
Deposeetion 1708 (1708)
Ethnicity Italian

The Hoose o Gonzaga were an Italian noble faimilie that ruled Mantua, in northern Italy, from 1328 to 1708; they also ruled Monferrato in Piedmont an Nevers in Fraunce, an aa many other lesser fiefs throughout Europe. Their faimily includes a saint, twelve cardinals and fourteen bishops. Twa Gonzagas became Empresses o the Haly Roman Empire.