Hoose o Fitz-James

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House of FitzJames
Blason Jacques Fitz-James (1670–1734).svg
Coat o airms o the Hoose o FitzJames
KintraIngland, Fraunce, Spain
FoonderJames FitzJames, 1st Duke o Berwick
Current heidJacobo Hernando FitzJames-Stuart y Gomez, 12t Duke o Berwick

The Hoose o Fitz-James (or the Hoose o FitzJames-Stuart) is a noble hoose o Scottish origin founded bi James FitzJames, 1st Duke o Berwick. He was the illegitimate son o James II & VII, King of England, Scotland and Ireland, a monarch frae the Hoose o Stuart. After the Revolution o 1688, the Duke o Berwick followed his faither intae exile an much o the families's history since then has been in Spain an Fraunce. The house has two main branches. The senior line, carrying the teetle o Duke o Berwick and residing in Spain, is the result of the 1st Duke's mairiage tae Honora Burke, Coontess o Lucan. This line has collectit many teetles throughout its history, including a few grandeeships o Spain, with some activity as ambassadors an militar generals. The junior line wis associatit with Fraunce an derived frae the 1st Duke's secoint mairiage tae an Englishwoman, Anne Bulkeley. This line carried the teetle o Duke o Fitz-James, but it became extinct in 1967 upon the daith o Jacques de Fitz-James, 10t Duke o Fitz-James (1886–1967). Aiblins the best kent member o the French line wis Édouard de Fitz-James, 6t Duke o Fitz-James (1776–1838), an ultraryalist wha escaped tae Italy after the French Revolution and returned to France around the time of the Bourbon Restoration, after which he became a prominent politician.