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{{Infobox noble house| | name = Hoose o Este | native_name = Casa d'Este | native_name_lang = Italian | other_names = Estensi | type = Princely noble faimily | coat_of_arms = Coat of arms of the House of Este (1239).svg | coat_of_arms_size = 160px | coat_of_arms_caption = Arms of House of Este (1239–1431) | parent_family = Obertenghi | country = Ducado de Modena (antes de 1830).svg Duchy o Ferrara
State Flag of the Duchy of Modena and Reggio (1830-1859).svg Duchy of Modena and Reggio
Papal States Papal States | etymology = From the town of Este, Veneto | founded = 1097 (1097) | founder = Fulco I of Este[a]

The Hoose o Este (UK: /ˈɛsti/,[6] US: /ˈɛsteɪ/,[7][8] Italian: [ˈɛste]) wis an Italian princely faimily, linked with several contemporary ryal dynasties, including the Hoose o Habsburg an the British ryal faimily.

The elder, German branch o the Hoose o Este, kent as the Younger Hoose o Welf, included dukes o Bavarie an Brunswick-Lüneburg an produced Britain's Hanoverian monarchs, as well as ane Emperor o Roushie (Ivan VI o Roushie|Ivan VI]]) an ane Haly Roman Emperor (Otto IV).

The younger, Italian branch o the Hoose o Este included rulers o Ferrara (1240–1597), an o Modena an Reggio (1288–1796).

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