Hoose o Borghese

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Coat of arms of the House of Borghese.svg
Armorial of Borghese
KintraItaly, Republic of Siena, Grand Duchy o Tuscany, Pontifical States, Kinrick o Naples, Kinrick o Italy
FoonderTiezzo da Monticiano
Current heidH.E. Don Scipione II, Prince Borghese, 14t Prince o Sulmona, 15th Prince o Rossano, etc. - (b. 1970)

The Hoose o Borghese princely family of Italian noble an papal background, originating as the Borghese or Borghesi in Siena, where they came to prominence in the 13t century holding offices under the commune. The head o the faimily, Marcantonio, moved tae Roum in the 16t century an there, following the election (1605) o his son Camillo as Pape Paul V they rose in power an wealth.

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