Hoose o Beauvau

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Coat o airms o the Hoose o Beauvau.

The Hoose o Beauvau are a French noble faimlie that originatit frae Anjou a region o Fraunce. The Rivau branch wis rooted in Brittany. It produced twa bishops o Nantes. The Craon (Prince o Craon) branch was established in Lorraine. This branch was intimate with the then ruling ducal faimllie. O knightly extraction, has proofs of its nobility going back as far as 1265. The teetle o marquis o Beauvau wis granted tae the head of the family bi Louis XIV in 1664. The faimilie also haed rights tae the prestigious teetle o "cousin du Roi", reserved for a few faimilies with an alliance with the ryal hoose. Marc de Beauvau, Prince o Craon (1679–1754) wis entitled Prince o the Haly Roman Empire in 1722, an it wis under this teetle that the familie wis admitted tae the "honneurs de la Cour" in 1775.

Princes o Craon[eedit | eedit soorce]

The teetle o Prince o Craon wis crearit in 1722 an haed haed the rank o Marquis.

  1. Marc de Beauvau
  2. Charles Juste de Beauvau
  3. Marc Étienne de Beauvau
  4. Charles de Beauvau
  5. Marc de Beauvau