Hongwu Emperor

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Hongwu Emperor
Emperor o the Ming Empire
Ring23 January 1368[1] – 24 Juin 1398
PredecessorDynasty established
SuccessorJianwen Emperor
Emperor o Cheenae
Ring14 September 1368 – 24 Juin 1398
PredecessorEmperor Huizong o Yuan
SuccessorJianwen Emperor
Born21 October 1328(1328-10-21)
Fengyang, Anhui, Yuan Empire
Dee'd24 Juin 1398(1398-06-24) (aged 69)
Nanjing, Jiangsu, Ming Empire
Buirial30 Juin 1398
Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Nanjing, Cheenae
SpouseEmpress Xiaocigao
Noble Consort Chengmu, concubine
Consort Li, concubine
Consort Ning, concubine
Consort Hui, concubine
Consort Zhuangjing'anronghui, concubine
Consort Jiang, concubine
Consort Zhao, concubine
Consort Zhaojingchong, concubine
Consort An, concubine
Consort Ding, concubine
Consort Shun, concubine
Consort Shun, concubine[2]
Consort Xian, concubine
Consort Hui, concubine[2]
Consort Li, concubine[2]
Consort Kung, concubine
Consort Han, concubine
Consort Yu, concubine
Consort Yang, concubine
Consort Zhou, concubine
Li Jiehao, concubine
Beauty Lady Choi, concubine
Beauty Lady Zhang, concubine
Lady Gao, concubine
IssueZhu Biao, Crown Prince Yiwen
Zhu Shuang, Prince Min o Qin
Zhu Gang, Prince Gong o Jin
Zhu Di, Yongle Emperor
Zhu Su, Prince Ding o Zhou
Zhu Zhen, Prince Zhao o Chu
Zhu Fu, Prince o Qi
Zhu Zi, Prince o Dan
Zhu Qi, Prince o Zhao
Zhu Tan, Prince Huang o Lu
Zhu Chun, Prince Xian o Shu
Zhu Bai, Prince Xian o Xiang
Zhu Gui, Prince Jian o Dai
Zhu Ying, Prince Zhuang o Su
Zhu Zhi, Prince Jian o Liao
Zhu Zhan, Prince Jing o Qing
Zhu Quan, Prince Xian o Ning
Zhu Pian, Prince Zhuang o Min
Zhu Hui, Prince o Gu
Zhu Song
Prince Xian o Han
Zhu Mo, Prince Jian o Shen
Zhu Ying, Prince Hui o An
Zhu Jing, Prince Ding o Tang
Zhu Dong, Prince Jing o Ying
Zhu Yi, Prince Li o Yi
Zhu Nan
Princess Lin'an
Princess Ning
Princess Chongning
Princess Anqing
Princess Runing
Princess Huaiqing, Marchioness o Yongchun
Princess Daming, Marchioness o Luancheng
Princess Fuqing
Princess Shouchun
a daughter
Princess Nankang
Princess Zhenyi o Yongjia
a daughter
Princess Hanshan
Princess Ruyang
Princess Baoqing
Full name
Faimily name: Zhu ()
Birth name: Chongba (重八)[3]
Gien name: Xingzong (興宗), later Yuanzhang (元璋)[4]
Courtesy name: Guorui (國瑞)
Era name and dates
Hongwu (洪武): 23 Januar 1368 – 5 Februar 1399 (briefly, - 22 Januar 1403)[5]
Posthumous name
Emperor Kaitian Xingdao Zhaoji Liji Dasheng Zhishen Renwen Yiwu Junde Chenggong Gāo
Temple name
Ming Taizu (明太祖)
HooseHoose o Zhu
FaitherZhu Shizhen
MitherChen Erniang

The Hongwu Emperor (Cheenese: 洪武帝; pinyin: Hóngwǔ Dì; 21 October 1328 – 24 Juin 1398), personal name Zhu Yuanzhang (朱元璋) an courtesy name Guorui (國瑞), wis the foonder an first emperor o the Ming dynasty o Cheenae.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The Hongwu Emperor wis already in control o Nanjing syne 1356 an wis conferred the teetle o "Duke o Wu" (吳國公) bi the rebel leader Han Lin'er (韓林兒) in 1361. He stairtit autonomous rule as the sel-proclaimed "Prince o Wu" (吳王) on 4 Februar 1364. He wis proclaimed emperor on 23 Januar 1368 an established the Ming dynasty on that same day.
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  3. Name gien bi his parents at birth an uised anly inside the faimily an friends. This birth name, which means "dooble aicht", wis allegedly gien tae him acause the combined age o his parents when he wis born wis 88 years.
  4. He wis kent as "Zhu Xingzong" when he reached adulthuid an renamed himsel "Zhu Yuanzhang" in 1352 when he stairtit tae acome famous amang the rebel leaders.
  5. Upon his successfu usurpation in 1402, the Yongle Emperor voidit the Jianwen era o his predecessor an continued the Hongwu era posthumously till the next New Year when his ain new era wis declared. This datin continued for a few o his successors till the Jianwen era wis reestablished in the late 16t century.