Hong Taiji

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Hong Taiji
清 佚名 《清太宗崇德皇帝朝服像》.jpg
Khan of the Later Jin dynasty
Ring20 October 1626 – 15 May 1636
(Assumed imperial dignity)
2nt Emperor o the Qing dynasty
Ring15 Mey 1636 – 21 September 1643
(as Khan o the Later Jin dynasty)
SuccessorShunzhi Emperor
Born28 November 1592(1592-11-28)
Dee'd21 September 1643(1643-09-21) (aged 50)
BuirialZhao Mausoleum
SpouseEmpress Xiaoduanwen
Empress Xiaozhuangwen
First Consort Minhuigonghe
Full name
Posthumous name
Emperor Yingtian Xingguo Hongde Zhangwu Kuanwen Rensheng Ruixiao Wen (in 1643)
Manchu: Genggiyen su hūwangdi
Temple name
Qing Taizong (清太宗)
HooseAisin Gioro
MitherEmpress Xiaocigao

Hong Taiji (28 November 1592 – 21 September 1643), whiles written as Huang Taiji an an aa referred tae as Abahai in Wastren leeteratur, wis an Emperor o the Qing dynasty. He wis responsible for consolidatin the empire that his faither Nurhaci haed fonded an laid the grundwirk for the conquest o the Ming dynasty, awtho he died afore this wis accomplished. He wis an aa responsible for chyngin the name o his fowk frae Jurchen tae Manchu in 1635, as well as that o the dynasty frae Later Jin tae Qing in 1636. The Qing dynasty lastit till 1912.