Hong Taiji

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Hong Taiji
清 佚名 《清太宗崇德皇帝朝服像》.jpg
Khan of the Later Jin dynasty
Ring 20 October 1626 – 15 May 1636
Predecessor Nurhaci
Successor None
(Assumed imperial dignity)
2nt Emperor o the Qing dynasty
Ring 15 Mey 1636 – 21 September 1643
Predecessor Nurhaci
(as Khan o the Later Jin dynasty)
Successor Shunzhi Emperor
Born 28 November 1592(1592-11-28)
Dee'd 21 September 1643(1643-09-21) (aged 50)
Buirial Zhao Mausoleum
Spouse Empress Xiaoduanwen
Empress Xiaozhuangwen
First Consort Minhuigonghe
Issue Hooge
Full name
Posthumous name
Emperor Yingtian Xingguo Hongde Zhangwu Kuanwen Rensheng Ruixiao Wen (in 1643)
Manchu: Genggiyen su hūwangdi
Temple name
Qing Taizong (清太宗)
Hoose Aisin Gioro
Faither Nurhaci
Mither Empress Xiaocigao

Hong Taiji (28 November 1592 – 21 September 1643), whiles written as Huang Taiji an an aa referred tae as Abahai in Wastren leeteratur, wis an Emperor o the Qing dynasty. He wis responsible for consolidatin the empire that his faither Nurhaci haed fonded an laid the grundwirk for the conquest o the Ming dynasty, awtho he died afore this wis accomplished. He wis an aa responsible for chyngin the name o his fowk frae Jurchen tae Manchu in 1635, as well as that o the dynasty frae Later Jin tae Qing in 1636. The Qing dynasty lastit till 1912.