Honda Zest

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Honda Zest
2007 Honda Zest Sports 01.JPG
Bouk an chassis
ClessKei car
Body style5-door hatchback
RelatitHonda Life fifth generation
Ingine659cc petrol P07A
PredecessorHonda That's
SuccessorHonda N-Ane
Zest Spark

Honda Zest is a kei caur, released in 2006, bi Honda. Equipped wi a turbo charged ingine, 4 cylinders, an 4 doors. It wis the first kei caur available wi optional side curtain airbags. It wis available in twa distinct versions — Zest an Zest Sports. In hairst/winter 2008, the Zest Sports wis replaced wi the Zest Spark. Honda enleetit J-Pop mega-starn Ayumi Hamasaki tae promote the Zest Spark. The Ayu x ZEST SPARK collaboration haes come tae the extent whaur the leemitit edition o the vehicle features Ayu's "A" logo, kent as "A Style Package".

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