Honda Torneo

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JDM Honda Torneo

The Honda Torneo (Japanese:ホンダ・トルネオ) wis a mid-size faimily saloon caur first introduced in 1997, an is no relatit tae the Ford Tourneo, which wis a minivan. The vehicle's name, "Torneo", is Spainyie for "tournament". As Honda decidit tae consolidate models bein affered in Japan, the Torneo replaced the Honda Ascot an Honda Rafaga. The Torneo wis vera seemilar tae the JDM Honda Accord. The Torneo haed mair o a performance approach in comparison tae the traditional Accord, utilizin a different front grille, heidlichts an tail lichts.

Trim levels an ingines[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Torneo wis available wi HID heidlichts, which wur uncommon at the time. 4 ingines wur available, aw equipped wi Honda's VTEC technology. The Torneo wis a seemilar approach tae the Honda Vigor, which haed been discontinued earlier as a sportier version o the Accord. A few sport packages wur available on the Torneo, sic as the "Euro R", the "SiR-T", an the "SiR Euro".

Demise[eedit | eedit soorce]

As sales o the Accord proved mair popular than the Torneo, the Torneo wis discontinued in 2002.

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