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Honda That's

The Honda That's is a kei caur manufactured syne 2002 bi Honda for the Japanese mercat anerlie. Gif ithers wad want tae purchase this caur thay wad hae tae order this frae Honda, wi an extra shippin fee o aboot five hunder an fiftie U.S. dollar. The vehicle haes a five-door "tall wagon" hatchback body, wi considerable height gien its leemitit lenth an width, leemitit bi kei caur regulations leemits. That's is based on the third-generation Honda Life kei caur platform, an comes in baith front-wheel drive an aw-wheel drive versions, an it skares the Life's E07Z three-cylinder inline, 656 cc ingine, available in aither naturally-aspirated (38 kW) or turbochairged (47 kW) versions (the latter wis drappit in 2006 wi the arrival o the turbochairged Honda Zest). Aw versions ae come wi a three-speed automatic transmission.

The That's stertit bein selt in Japan on Februar 8, 2002 wi prices startin at ¥ 1,034,000. On October 15, 2004, Honda released a special version, slashin the price tae ¥ 900,000, whilk resultit in a 200% increase in sales. A minor facelift teuk place in 2006, wi the faceliftit That's debutin on Mairch 22; at the same time, the turbochairged version wis dropped.

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