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The Honda S600 is an automobile manufactured bi Honda. It wis launched in Mairch 1964. It wis the first Honda caur tae be affered in twa versions: as a roadster – bearing strang resemblance tae the Honda S500 – an as a fastback coupé (cawed SM600), introduced in Mairch 1965. Durin its production run up tae 1966, the model stylin wad remain pretty muckle the same, wi the maist notable chynges comin tae the front grille, bumper, an heidlichts.

Honda S600 (rear) at the Petersen Automotive Museum

Pouered bi a DOHC, water-cooled, fower-cylinder inline ingine wi fower carburetors, the ingine capacity wis increased tae 606 cc frae the S500's 492 cc. The ingine produced 57 hp (43 kW) an haed a tap speed o 90 mph (140 km/h). Wi the convertible weighin in at mere 1,576 lb (715 kg), the extra sheet metal o the coupe ae addit 33 lb (15 kg) tae the oweraw wecht. Suspension wis independent wi sealed roller chain drive tae each rear wheel.[1]

The S600 wis the first mass marketit Honda caur. First affered ae in richt-hand drive, it suin became available in left-hand drive tae appeal tae export markets. (Thare wur a few pre-production S500s manufactured in left hand drive, twa or three even bein shawn in some early sales brochures, but aw production S500s wur richt-hand drive.)

Baith the S600 roadster an coupé wur available in staundart trim an a special, upgradit package cawed the SM600 which includit, amang ither items, special paint colors, exclusive badgin, a staundart radio an speaker, a special antenna in the passenger side sun visor, staundart reversin lichts, a staundart cigarette lichter, a staundart heater, better cushioned seats, an a detachable seat track for quick removal o the passenger seat.

Honda S600.

Production o the S600 wis muckle greater than that o its predecessor, the S500. In fact, o the three production ingine sizes for the sports caurs, the S600 haed the hichtest figures.

Honda biggit 3,912 roadsters in 1964, wi production climbin tae 7,261 convertibles an 1,519 coupes in 1965. Production dropped aff in 1966 (as thay wur shiftin tae the S800) wi anly 111 roadsters an 281 coupes, givin tallies o 11,284 convertibles an 1,800 coupes for the 3 year span.

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