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Honda S500.

The S500 wis the first production caur frae Honda, released in 1963, follaein the T360 truck intae production bi fower months. It wis a lairger displacement variant o the S360 roadster which, tho developed for sale in 1962, wis niver produced.

Lik the S360, the S500 uised a hie-tech ingine developed frae Honda's motorcycle expertise. It wis a dual owerheid cam straight-4 wi fower carburettors an a 9500 rpm redline. Oreeginally intendit tae displace 492 cc, the production version wis 531 cc an produced 44 hp at 8000 rpm.

The S500 uised a 4-speed manual transmission wi chain drive at the rear wheels. A fower-wheel independent suspension wis an aa novel, wi torsion bars in front an diagonal coilover shock absorbers at the rear.

The caur wis priced at $1,275 in 1963. A fiberglass hardtop wis an aa available. 1,363 S500s wur produced frae October 1963 throu September 1964.

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