Honda Integra

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Honda Integra
2002 Honda Integra (DC5) Special Edition coupe (2015-07-24) 01.jpg
Also criedAcura Integra (1985–2001)
Acura RSX (2002–2006)
Rover 416i (1985 - 1989)
Model years1986-2006
AssemblySuzuka Plant, Suzuka, Mie, Japan
Body and chassis
ClessSport compact
LayootTransverse front-ingine, front-wheel drive
PredecessorHonda Quint
SuccessorAcura EL (Canadae – 4-door anerly) Acura ILX (North Americae)
Honda Civic Hatchback & Coupe (for coupe)
Honda Fit Aria (for Integra SJ)

The Honda Integra (sauld in some mercats as Acura Integra an Rover 416i) is a automobile producit bi Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda frae 1985 tae 2006. It succeedit the Honda Quint as the slichtly lairger derivative o the Civic an each generation o the Integra wis derivit frae the contemporar generation o the Civic. Bein mair luxurious an sports-orientit than the Quint, the Integra wis ane o the launch models for Acura in 1986,[1] alang wi the Legend. Throuoot its life, the Integra wis heichly regairdit for its handlin an performance.

The Integra came in up tae five trim levels; RS, LS, GS, GS-R an Type-R, dependin on model year an mercat.

The Integra name wis oreeginally uised bi Honda tae refer tae its VT250F motorcycle an is currently uised tae refer tae the scooter variant o its NC700 series o motorcycles.[2]

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