Honda Civic

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Honda Civic
2022 Honda Civic LX, Front Right, 06-20-2021.jpg
Bouk an chassis
ClessSubcompact caur (1973–2000)
Compact caur (2001–present)
RelatitAcura EL
Acura CSX
Acura ILX
Honda Ballade
Honda Quint
Honda Civic Hybrid
Honda Civic GX
Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic GTi
Honda Civic Si
Honda Ceety(1996-2002)
Honda Civic VTi
Honda Civic Vi-Rs
Honda Concerto
Honda Domani
Rover 200 / 25
PredecessorHonda N600
Honda Z600

The Honda Civic is a line o subcompact an subsequently compact caurs developed an manufactured bi Honda. In North Americae, the Civic is the seicont-langest continuously-runnin nameplate frae a Japanese manufacturer; ae the Toyota Corolla, introduced in 1968, haes been in production langer. The Civic, alang wi the Accord an Prelude, comprised Honda's vehicles sauld in North Americae till the 1990s, when the model lineup wis expandit. Haein gane throu several generational chynges, the Civic haes acome lairger an mair upmarket, an it currently slots atween the Fit an Accord.