Honda Ballade

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A Honda Ballade

The Honda Ballade wis a subcompact automobile biggit bi Honda o Japan. It began as a fower-door version o the Civic in 1980. In the UK it wis launcht at the same time as the vera seemilar Triumph Acclaim wi which it shared a Honda biggit ingine.

O the oreeginal 1980 models, 1.3 L an 1.5 L ingines wur affered in Japan.

Efter 1984, the Ballade shared maist o its body panels wi the Civic, except for a sportier front end, an formed the basis o the CR-X sports caur an the oreeginal Rover 200. O this seicont generation Ballade the tap model - EXI - featurt a 1.5L naturally aspiratit 12 valve aw-aluminium ingine wi multi-pynt fuel injection (uisin Honda's PGM-FI seestem) developin 100 brake horsepouer (75 kW), the same ingine wis uised on the first generation Civic CRX. Ither features o the EXI included electric windaes aw-roond, electric an heatit wing mirrors, metallic paint, ventit front disc brakes an hydraulic pouer-assistit steerin. Lawer specification models featurt the same 1.5L ingine but wi fuellin providit via a carburretor, givin 85 brake horsepouer (63 kW).