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In lingueestics, a homonym is, in the strict sense, ane o a group o wirds that share spellin an pronunciation but mey hae different meanins.[1] Thus homonyms are simultaneously homographs (wirds that share the same spellin, regardless o thair pronunciation) an homophones (wirds that share the same pronunciation, regardless o their spellin). The state o bein a homonym is cried homonymy. Examples o homonyms are the pair stalk (part o a plant) an stalk (follae/harass a person) an the pair left (past tense o leave) an left (opposite of richt). A distinction is sometimes made atween "true" homonyms, which are unrelatit in origin, such as skate (glide on ice) an skate (the fish), an polysemous homonyms, or polysemes, which hae a shared origin, such as mooth (o a river) an mooth (o an ainimal).[2][3]

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