Hollywood Boulevard

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Hollywood Boulevard Commercial an Entertainment Destrict
The Revamped Hollywood Boulevard as seen frae the Dolby Theatre
Hollywood Boulevard is located in California
Hollywood Boulevard
Location: 6200-7000 Hollywood Blvd., N. Vine St., N. Highland Ave. and N. Ivar St
Los Angeles, CA
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Biggit: 1939
NRHP Reference#: 85000704
Addit tae NRHP: Aprile 4, 1985

Hollywood Boulevard is a street in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Californie, splittin aff Sunset Boulevard in the east an runnin northwast tae Vermont Avenue, whaur it straichtens oot an runs due wast tae Laurel Canyon Boulevard. Wast o Laurel Canyon, it continues as a residential street an endin at Sunset Plaza Drive. The eastren end o Hollywood Boulevard passes through Little Armenia an Thai Toun.