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2006–2008 Holden WM Caprice

The Holden Statesman is an automobile which wis produced bi Holden in Australie frae 1990 tae September 2010. The seemilar Holden Caprice, which wis awso introduced in 1990, continues in production. Atween 1971 an 1984, Holden marketit thair lang-wheelbase sedans unner the Statesman marque. The Statesman an Caprice are essentially lang-wheelbase variants o the Commodore range, an as o 2006, are the lairgest rear-wheel drive sedans affered bi GM. Internaitionally, Statesmans an Caprices are sauld as the Bitter Vero, Buick Park Avenue, the Chevrolet Caprice an the Daewoo Veritas. Previously, Statesmans hae been badged as the Buick Royaum an Daewoo Statesman.

The main difference atween the Statesman an the Caprice lies athin thair equipment packages; Caprices are commonly pouered bi V8 ingines rather than V6s, an whilst thay mey be thocht o as fully specified versions o thair Statesman siblings, the twa wur separate Holden models bi this period. Appearance wise, Caprices can be distinguisht bi thair unique interior an exterior trim sic as the grille. Tradeetionally, the Statesman alang wi the Caprice hae been direct rivals tae the Ford Fairlane an LTD correspondingly. Housomeivver, the 2008 discontinuation o the Fairlane an LTD haes ceased sic tradeetions.

In 2010, Holden made the decision tae discontinue the Statesman nameplate, instead reducin the price o the upmarket V6 Caprice an fillin the gap ance occupied bi the Statesman.[1]

Statesman (HQ–WB; 1971–1984)[eedit | eedit soorce]

1980–1983 Statesman WB Caprice

It was the right car at the wrong time. A few years later people woke up to the fact that the WB was one of the best big Holdens of all time, and the values of used examples took off with a lion’s roar.

Tony Davis and John Wright, 1994.[2]

Prior tae the introduction o the Holden Statesman a Caprice models in 1990, Holden marketit its lang-wheelbase range throu a separate Statesman marque, absent o aw "Holden" brandin.[3][4] Thir oreeginal vehicles, wur sauld throu the General Motors-Holden's dealership channel, an wur based on the mainstream Kingswood/Premier range, affering more luxury, additional lenth, an stylin tae differentiate it frae the smawer donor caurs.[5] The first o sic caurs wur introduced in 1971 as the HQ series Statesman, replacin the short-lived Holden Brougham.[6] Subsequent HJ, HX an HZ models wur updates tae the oreeginal HQ bodywirk,[7] as wis the final WB series which introduced a new sax-windae glasshoose.[8] WB representit the maist significant update yet, wi ae the front doors an bonnet common wi the HZ sheetmetal.[9] Notwithstandin thir alterations, the WB fell short o great mercat success, that is, till 1984 when production cessation wis annoonced, generatin a rapid sales ascent. For Holden, the decision haed been made—the line’s discontinuance wis perpetual.[10]

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