Ho Ching

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Ho Ching
Ho Ching.jpg
Ho Ching speakin tae reporters at the Temasek Review annual report press conference in 2009 in Singapore.
Spoose o the Prime Meenister o Singapore
Assumed office
12 August 2004
Prime MeenisterLee Hsien Loong
Precedit biTan Choo Leng
Personal details
Born (1953-03-27) 27 Mairch 1953 (age 67)
Spoose(s)Lee Hsien Loong (married 1985)
BairnsLi Xiuqi
Li Yipeng
Li Hongyi
Li Haoyi
Alma materStanford Varsity

Ho Ching (Cheenese: ; pinyin: Hé Jīng; Wade–Giles: Ho2 Ching1; Cantonese Yale: Hō Chìng) (born Mairch 27, 1953) is the Chief Executive Officer o Temasek Holdings (syne 2002).[1] Ho jyned Temasek Holdings in Mey 2002 as Executive Director an wis appyntit Chief Executive Officer on 1 Januar 2004. Ho first jyned Temasek as Director in Januar 2002 an then acame its Executive Director in Mey 2002.[2] As o 2014, she is leetit as the 59t maist pouerfu woman in the warld bi Forbes.[3]

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