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Schematic representation o the assembly o the core histones intae the nucleosome.

In biology, histones are heichly alkaline proteins foond in eukaryotic cell nuclei that package an order the DNA into structural units cried nucleosomes.[1][2] Thay are the chief protein components o chromatin, actin as spuils aroond which DNA winds, an playin a role in gene regulation. Withoot histones, the unwoond DNA in chromosomes would be very lang (a lenth tae width ratio o mair nor 10 million tae 1 in human DNA). For example, each human diploid cell (conteenin 23 pairs o chromosomes) haes aboot 1.8 meters o DNA, but woond on the histones it haes aboot 90 micrometers (0.09 mm) o chromatin, which, when duplicatit an condensed during mitosis, result in about 120 micrometers o chromosomes.[3]

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