Hiroaki Hidaka

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Hiroaki Hidaka
BornHiroaki Hidaka
April 1962
Miyazaki, Japan
Dee'd25 December 2006 (agit 44)
Cause o daith
Criminal penalty
Span o killins
18 April 1996–14 September 1996
Date apprehendit
21 September 1996

Hiroshi Hidaka (日高 広明, Hidaka Hiroaki, April 1962 – 25 December 2006) was a Japanese serial killer.

Early life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Hidaka wis born in the Miyazaki Prefectur. He wis oreeginally a excellent student, but he failed tae enter the Varsity o Tsukuba, his target college. He entered the Fukuoka Varsity insteid, but eventually droppit oot. He aften borraeed money, drank an went tae prostitutes. In Apryle 1989, he muivit tae Hiroshima an began tae wirk as a taxi driver.

Hidaka marriet in 1991, an haed a dochter in 1993, but his wife entered a mental hospital.

Murthers[eedit | eedit soorce]

Hidaka killed an robbit fower weemen atween Apryle an September 1996. Ane o his victims wis a 16-year-auld girl who engagit in Enjo kōsai. He wis arrestit on 21 September 1996.

Trial an execution[eedit | eedit soorce]

The destrict court in Hiroshima sentencit Hidaka tae daith on 9 Februar 2000, a sentence that he did no appeal. He wis executit bi hangin on 25 Dizember 2006.[1][2]

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