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Hipparchus by Raphael.jpg
Hipparchus as he appears in "The Schuil o Athens" bi Raphael.
Bornc. 190 BC
Diedc. 120 BC

Hipparchus o Nicaea (Greek: Ἵππαρχος, Hipparkhos; c. 190 – c. 120 BC), wis a Greek astronomer, geografer, an mathematician. He is considered the foonder o trigonometry[1] but is maist famous for his incidental discovery o precession o the equinoxes.[2]

Hipparchus wis born in Nicaea, Bithynia (nou İznik, Turkey), an probably dee'd on the island o Rhodes, Greece. He is kent tae hae been a wirkin astronomer at least frae 162 tae 127 BC.[3] Hipparchus is conseedert the greatest auncient astronomical observer an, bi some, the greatest overaw astronomer o antiquity. He wis the first that's quantitative an accurate models for the motion o the Sun an Muin survive. For this he certainly made uise o the observations an aiblins the mathematical techniques accumulatit ower centuries bi the Babylonies an bi Meton o Athens (5t century BC), Timocharis, Aristyllus, Aristarchus o Samos an Eratosthenes, amang ithers.[4] He developed trigonometry an constructit trigonometric tables, an he solved several problems o spherical trigonometry. Wi his solar an lunar theories an his trigonometry, he mey hae been the first tae develop a reliable method tae predict solar eclipses. His ither reputit achievements include the diskivery an meisurment o Yird's precession, the compilation o the first comprehensive starn catalogue o the wastren warld, an possibly the invention o the astrolabe, an aw o the airmillary sphere, that he uised in the creaution o muckle o the starn catalogue.

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