Highland Main Line

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Highland Main Line
Tomatin railway viaduct 02.jpg
The Highland Main Line viaduct over
the River Findhorn at Tomatin
TeepHeavy rail
SeestemNational Rail
LocalePerth and Kinross
AwnerNetwork Rail
Operator(s)Abellio ScotRail
Virgin Trains East Coast
Caledonian Sleeper
Rowin stockClass 43 "HST"
Class 158 "Express Sprinter"
Class 170 "Turbostar"
Class 73
Mark 3 Sleeping Cars
Line lenthPerth to Inverness: 118 mile 9 chain (190.1 km)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

The Highland Main Line is a railway line in Scotland. It is 118 mile (190 km) lang and runs throu the Scottish Highlands linking a series o smaw towns and villages wi Perth at ane end and Inverness at the ither. The day, services atween Inverness and Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lunnon uise the line. At Inverness the line connects wi the Far North Line, the Aberdeen-Inverness Line and services on the Kyle o Lochalsh Line. Aw trains are diesel-powered, syne the line is nae electrified.

Much o the Highland Main Line is single track, an trains coming in opposite directions are eften timed tae arrive at stations at the same time, whaur crossing loops permit them tae pass. Journey times atween Inverness and Edinburgh or Glasgow are approximately three and a hauf oors.[1]

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