Higgs boson

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Higgs boson
Candidate Higgs Events in ATLAS and CMS.png
Candidate Higgs boson events frae collisions atween protons in the LHC. The tap event in the CMS experiment shaws a decay intae twa photons (dashed yellae lines an green touers). The lawer event in the ATLAS experiment shaws a decay intae 4 muons (reid tracks).[Note 1]
ComposeetionElementar pairticle
StatusA Higgs boson o mass ≈125 GeV wis tentatively confirmed bi CERN on 14 Mairch 2013,[1][2][3] awtho it is unclear as yet which model the pairticle best supports or whether multiple Higgs bosons exeest.[2]
TheorisedR. Brout, F. Englert, P. Higgs, G. S. Guralnik, C. R. Hagen, an T. W. B. Kibble (1964)
DiscoveredLarge Hadron Collider (2011–2013)
Mass125.09±0.21 (stat.)±0.11 (syst.) GeV/c2 (CMS+ATLAS)[4]
Mean lifetime1.56×10−22 s [Note 2] (predictit)
Decays intaebottom-antibottom pair (predictit)

twa W bosons (observed)
twa gluons (predictit)
tau-antitau pair (observed)
twa Z bosons (observed)
twa photons (observed)

various ither decays (predictit)
Electric chairge0 e
Colour chairge0
Spin0 (tentatively confirmed)[1]
Weak isospin-1/2
Weak hypercharge+1
Parity+1 (tentatively confirmed)[1]

The Higgs boson is an elementar pairticle in the Staundart Model o pairticle pheesics. It is the quantum excitation o the Higgs field,[6][7] a fundamental field o crucial importance tae pairticle pheesics theory[7] first suspectit tae exeest in the 1960s. Unlik ither kent fields such as the electromagnetic field, it haes a non-zero constant value in vacuum. The quaisten o the Higgs field's exeestence acame the last unverified pairt o the Staindart Model o pairticle pheesics, an for several decades wis conseedert "the central problem in pairticle pheesics".[8][9]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Note that such events an aa occur due tae ither processes. Detection involves a stateestically signeeficant excess o such events at speceefic energies.
  2. In the Staundart Model, the tot decay width o a Higgs boson wi a mass o 126 GeV/c2 is predictit tae be 4.21×10−3 GeV.[5] The mean lifetime is gien bi .

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