Hielandman's Umberellae

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The wast facin facad o the Umberellae

The Hielandman's Umberellae is a weel-kent landmerk in the mids o Glasga, Scotland. It is the local byname for the gless wawed railwey brig that cairies the pletforms o Glesca Central station ower Argyle Street.

Due tae the forced displacement o fowk durin the seicont phase o the Hieland Clearances in the 19t century, 30,000 Hielanders that spak Scots Gaelic but nae Scots cam tae Glesca for tae find wark.[1] Whan winnin til the ceety they wis hoosed in mony different airts o Glesca. Ower mony years Hielanders conteenad tae arrive an begoud tae keep in titch by trystin unner the brig, maistly at weekends.

With the ceety's ill wather an the trystin o the Hielanders it cam tae be kent as the Hielandman's Umberellae.[2] As time gaed by the Hielanders an their affspring becam integrate intae Glesgae cultur till finally the trystin nae langer occurred. Mony o the younger generation nae langer mynds the name o the brig.

In the early 2000s, the brig wis bettert as wi the lave o the station - its kenspeckle Venetian style windaes wis reglazed, an the gowd "Central Station" letterin wis applee'd.

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