Hidalgo, Nuevo León

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Locator map o the Municipality o Hidalgo, in the state o Nuevo León.

Hidalgo is a toun o approximately 20,000 fowk, an seat o the Municipality o Hidalgo. It is locatit in the state o Nuevo León, in Northeastern Mexico.

Featurs[eedit | eedit soorce]

The major cement company Cemex began wi operations here, an still haes a operatin factory.

The limestane cliffs an spires o the Potrero Chico rock climbin aurie, in the municipality, draws rock-climbers frae athort Mexico an aroond the warld.

Coordinates: 25°59′N 100°27′W / 25.983°N 100.450°W / 25.983; -100.450