Hert o Neolithic Orkney

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Map o the main steid

Heart of Neolithic Orkney refers tae a group o Neolithic monuments foond on the Mainland, ane o the islands o Orkney, Scotland. The name wis adoptit bi UNESCO whan it proclaimed thir steids as a Warld Heritage Steid in 1999.

The steid o patrimony currently consists o fower steids:

  1. Maeshowe – a unique chaumered cairn an passage graff, aligned sae that its central chaumer is illuminatit on the winter solstice. It wis lootit bu Vikings that left ane o the lairgest collections o runic inscriptions in the warld.[1]
  2. Staundin Stanes o Stenness – the fower remeenin megaliths o a henge, the lairgest o that is 6 metres (19 ft) heich.[2][3]
  3. Raing o Brodgar – a stane circle 104 metres in diameter, oreeginally componed o 60 stanes set within a circular ditch up tae 3 metres deep an 10 metres wide, formin a henge monument. It haes been estimatit that the structur teuk 80,000 man-hours tae construct.[4][5]
  4. Skara Brae – a cluster o aicht hooses makkin up Northren Europe’s best-preserved Neolithic veelage.[6]

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