Herod Antipas

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Herod Antipas
Tetrarch o Galilee an Perea
Herod Antipas.jpg
Ring 6 AD – 39 AD
Predecessor Herod the Great
Successor Agrippa I
Born Afore 20 BC
Dee'd Efter 39 AD
Dynasty Herodian Dynasty
Faither Herod the Great
Mither Malthace

Herod Antipater (Greek: Ἡρῴδης Ἀντίπατρος, Hērǭdēs Antipatros; born afore 20 BC – died efter 39 AD), kent bi the nickname Antipas, wis a 1st-century ruler o Galilee an Perea, who bore the title o tetrarch ("ruler o a quarter"). He is best kent the day for accoonts in the New Testament o his role in events that led tae the executions o John the Baptist an Jesus o Nazareth.