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010319 25 Ercolano scavi.JPG
The excavations of Ercolano
Herculaneum is locatit in Italy
Shawn within Italy
LocationErcolano, Campanie, Italy
Coordinates40°48′22″N 14°20′54″E / 40.8060°N 14.3482°E / 40.8060; 14.3482Coordinates: 40°48′22″N 14°20′54″E / 40.8060°N 14.3482°E / 40.8060; 14.3482
Foondit6t-7t century BC
Abandoned79 AD
Offeecial nameAirchaeological Auries o Pompeii, Herculaneum, an Torre Annunziata
Criteriaiii, iv, v
Designatit1997 (21st session)
Reference no.829
RegionEurope an North Americae

Herculaneum (in modren Italian Ercolano) wis an auncient Roman toun destroyed bi volcanic pyroclastic flows in 79 A.D., locatit in the territory o the day's commune o Ercolano, in the Italian region o Campanie in the shadow o Munt Vesuvius.

It is maist famous for havin been lost, alang wi Pompeii, Stabiae, Oplontis an the neighbourhuid o Monte Bursaccio in Boscoreale, in the eruption o Munt Vesuvius in AD 79 which buried it in superheatit pyroclastic material. It is an aa famous as ane o the few auncient ceeties that can nou be seen in almaist its oreeginal splendour, acause unlik Pompeii, its burial wis deep enough tae ensure the upper storeys o biggins remained intact, an the hetter ash preserved widden hoosehauld objects such as beds an doors an even fuid. Mairower Herculaneum wis a wealthier toun than Pompeii wi an extraordinary density o fine hooses, an far mair lavish uise o coloured marble claddin. The discovery in recent years o some 300 skeletons alang the sea shore came as a surprise syne it haed been assumed that the toun itself wis lairgely evacuatit.