Herbert Marcuse

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Herbert Marcuse
Herbert Marcuse in Newton, Massachusetts 1955.jpeg
Marcuse in 1955 in Newton, Massachusetts[1]
Born 19 Julie 1898
Berlin, German Empire
Died 29 Julie 1979(1979-07-29) (aged 81)
Starnberg, Wast Germany
Residence Germany, Unitit States
Naitionality German / American
Era 20t-century filosofie
Region Wastren Filosofie
Schuil Frankfurt Schuil, Wastren Marxism, Creetical theory
Main interests
Social theory, socialism, industrialism, technology
Notable ideas
Totally admeenistered society, technological raitionality, The Great Refusal, The End o Utopia, Ane-Dimensional Man, Libidinal wirk relations, wirk as free play, repressive tolerance, surplus repression, performance principle, repressive desublimation, totalitarian democracy

Herbert Marcuse (German: [maʀˈkuːzə]; Julie 19, 1898 – Julie 29, 1979) wis a German-American filosofer, sociologist, an poleetical theorist, associatit wi the Frankfurt Schuil o creetical theory.

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