Heping Destrict, Tianjin

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Heping Destrict

Heping Destrict athin Tianjin Municipality
Heping Destrict athin Tianjin Municipality
 • Total9.97 km2 (3.85 sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (Cheenae Staundart)

Heping Destrict (simplifeed Cheenese: 和平区; traditeeonal Cheenese: 和平區; pinyin: Hépíng Qū; leeterally: "Peace Destrict") is a destrict in the centre o Tianjin, in northeastren Cheenae.

The destrict haes a lang history. It comprises an aurie o 9.97 km². Thare are 6 street offices an 88 commonty resident's committees (社区居委会).

Heping Destrict is traditionally the cultural, commercial an financial centre o Tianjin Ceety. CBDs, shoppin centres, shoppin maws an banks are concentratit in this Destrict.

The leader o the destrict is Li Runlan (李润兰).

Yaohua Heich Schuil is locatit in the destrict.

All Nippon Airways haes its Tianjin Office in Tower 2 o The Exchange in the destrict.[1]

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