Henry de Lichton

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Henry de Lichton
Beeshop o Aiberdeen
Henry de Lichton.jpg
Kirk Roman Catholic Kirk
See Diocese o Aiberdeen
In affice 1422–1440
Predecessor Gilbert de Greenlaw
Successor Ingram Lindsay
Consecration 8 Mairch 1415, at Valencia (for Moray)
Personal details
Born 1369 x 1379
Died 12 December 1440 – 14 December 1440
Probably Aiberdeen
Previous post Moray (1414–1422)
Airchdeacon o Aiberdeen

Henry de Lichton [de Lychtone, Leighton] (dee'd 1440) wis a medieval Scots prelate an diplomat, that, servin as Beeshop o Moray (1414–1422) an Beeshop o Aiberdeen (1422–1440), becam a signeeficant patron o the kirk, a cathedral bigger, an a writer.

Releegious teetles
Precedit bi
Thomas Trail
Airchdeacon o Aiberdeen
Succeedit bi
David Falconer
Precedit bi
John de Innes
Beeshop o Moray
Succeedit bi
Columba de Dunbar
Precedit bi
Gilbert de Greenlaw
Beeshop o Aiberdeen
Succeedit bi
Ingram Lindsay