Henry de Beaumont

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Henry de Beaumont
4t Yerl o Buchan & 1st Baron Beaumont
Arms of Beaumont (Baron Beaumont, 1309).svg
Airms o Beaumont: Azure semée o fleurs-de-lis, a lion rampant or [1]
Bornbef. 1280
Dee'd10 Mairch 1340
Noble faimilyBrienne
Spoose(s)Alice Comyn, Coontess o Buchan
FaitherLouis de Brienne
MitherAgnès de Beaumont

Henry de Beaumont, jure uxoris 4t Yerl o Buchan an suo jure 1st Baron Beaumont (bef. 1280 - 10 Mairch 1340) wis a key feegur in the Anglo-Scots wars o the thirteent an fowerteent centuries, kent as the Wars o Scots Unthirldom.

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