Henry VII, Haly Roman Emperor

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Henry VII
Henry Lux head.jpg
Henry VII o Luxembourg
Haly Roman Emperor
Ring 29 Juin 1312 – 24 August 1313
Coronation 29 Juin 1312, Roum
Predecessor Conrad IV
Successor Louis IV
Keeng o the Romans
Ring 27 November 1308 – 24 August 1313
Coronation 6 Januar 1309, Aachen
Predecessor Albert I
Successor Louis IV
Keeng o Italy
Reing 6 Januar 1311 – 24 August 1313
Coronation 6 Januar 1311, Milan
Predecessor Otto IV[1]
Successor Louis IV
Coont o Luxembourg an Arlon
Ring 5 Juin 1288 - 24 August 1313
Predecessor Henry VI
Successor John I
Born 1275
Dee'd 24 August 1313
Buonconvento, Italy
Buirial Duomo di Pisa, Pisa
Spouse Margaret o Brabant
Issue John, Keeng o Bohemia
Marie, Queen o Fraunce
Beatrice, Queen o Hungary
Hoose Hoose o Luxemburg
Faither Henry VI o Luxembourg
Mither Beatrice d'Avesnes
Releegion Roman Catholicism

Henry VII (German: Heinrich; ca. 1275 – 24 August 1313)[2] wis the Keeng o Germany (or Rex Romanorum) frae 1308 an Haly Roman Emperor frae 1312.

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