Henry Scott, 3rd Duke o Buccleuch

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The Duke o Buccleuch an Queensberry

Henry Scott, 3rd Duke of Buccleuch.jpg
The Duke o Buccleuch
Personal details
Born2 September 1746(1746-09-02)
Dee'd11 Januar 1812(1812-01-11) (aged 65)
Dawkeith Palace,
Midlowden, Scotland
Spoose(s)Leddy Elizabeth Montagu
BairnsElizabeth Home, Coontess o Home
George Scott, Yerl o Dawkeith
Mary Stopford, Coontess o Courtown
Charles Montagu-Scott, 4t Duke o Buccleuch
Caroline Douglas, Marchioness o Queensberry
Henry Montagu Scott, 2nt Baron Montagu o Boughton
Harriet Kerr, Marchioness o Lowden
ParentsFrancis Scott, Yerl o Dawkeith
Leddy Caroline Townshend

Henry Scott, 3rd Duke o Buccleuch an 5t Duke o Queensberry KG KT FRSE (2 September 1746 – 11 Januar 1812) wis a Scots nobleman an lang-time friend o the notable Sir Walter Scott.

Honorar teetles
New title Laird Lieutenant o Midlowden
1794 – 1812
Succeedit bi
The Duke o Buccleuch
Precedit bi
The Duke o Roxburghe
Laird Lieutenant o Roxburghshire
1804 – 1812
Succeedit bi
Yerl o Ancram
Peerage o Scotland
Precedit bi
Francis Scott
Duke o Buccleuch
2nt creaution
Succeedit bi
Charles Montagu Scott
Baron Scott o Tyndale
(went tae Henry bi acceleration)

Precedit bi
William Douglas
Duke o Queensberry