Henry Ford Company

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The Henry Ford Company wis the seicont company for Henry Ford, foondit November 3, 1901. It resultit frae the reorganization o the Detroit Automobile Company, his first unsuccessful attempt at automobile manufacture a year afore. In Mairch 1902, Ford left the company follaein a dispute wi his financial backers, William Murphy an Lemuel Bowen. In a final settlement, Ford left wi his name an 900 dollars; he went on tae stairt the Ford Motor Company in 1903.

In August 1902, Henry M. Leland wis brocht in bi the investors tae appraise the plant an equipment prior tae sellin them. Instead, Leland persuadit them tae continue in the automobile business. The Henry Ford Company reorganized that year as Cadillac in honor o Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, the foonder o Detroit.

Cadillac's first caur wis completit on October 17, 1902, the 10 horsepouer (7 kW) Cadillac. Based on Henry Ford's design (except for the ingine, designed bi Leland & Faulconer), it wis practically identical to the 1903 Ford Model A.

Locatit in Detroit at the intersection o Clark Street an Michigan Avenue in a triangle o land boondit bi the intersection o twa railway lines, the oreeginal manufacturin plant remained in operation unner Cadillac till the early 1990s, referred tae as baith "Cadillac Main" an "Cadillac Plant #1". Durin the last decade or so, the plant wis gradually closed doun—as the freight elevators in its multi-story assembly buildings wur the cause o production bottlenecks, especially when ane or maire wur shut doun for mechanical failure (despite an ootside maintenance contractor haein an on-site office an elevator repair an service personnel).

In the late 1990s, Cadillac completely shut doun aw operations at that plant, an the land wis leveled, tae be redeveloped as an industrial pairk.

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