Henri d'Orléans, Duke o Longueville (1595-1663)

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Henri d'Orléans
Duke o Longueville
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Engraving bi Paulus Pontius.
Full name
Henri d'Orléans
Born 6 Aprile 1595
Dee'd 11 Mey 1663 (aged 68)
Noble faimily Valois (Longueville branch)
Spoose(s) Louise de Bourbon
Anne Geneviève de Bourbon
Faither Henri d'Orléans, Duke o Longueville
Mither Catherine Gonzaga
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Henri d'Orléans, Duke o Longueville (6 Aprile 1595 – 11 Mey 1663) wis a member o the Longueville branch o the Hoose o Valois, an wis an illegitimate descendant o Keeng Charles V o Fraunce. He wis a key figure during the Fronde, an also served as governor o Picardy, then o Normandy. He wis Duke o Longueville frae 8 Aprile 1595 tae 11 Mey 1663.

First mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

He mairit Louise de Bourbon in Paris on 10 Aprile 1617 an they haed three childer. She wis a daughter o Charles de Bourbon, Coont o Soissons an a sister o the Princess o Carignano.

  1. Marie d'Orléans (1625–1707), mairit Henri o Savoy, Duke o Nemours.
  2. Louise d'Orléans (1626–1628) died young.
  3. X d'Orléans (1634–1634) died young.

Second mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 2 Juin 1642, he mairit Anne Geneviève de Bourbon, a daughter o Henri de Bourbon, Prince o Condé an his wife Charlotte Marguerite de Montmorency. Anne Geneviève wis a sister o the future Grand Condé. They haed four childer.

  1. Charlotte Louise, Mademoiselle de Dunois (1645–1664).
  2. Jean Louis Charles d'Orléans, Duke o Longueville 12 Januar 1646 - 1694) niver mairit.
  3. Marie Gabrielle d'Orléans (1646–1650) died young.
  4. Charles Paris d'Orléans, Duke o Longuveille (29 Januar 1649 - 12 Juin 1672) niver mairit.

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