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Walcome tae Wikipaedia!

As a new contreibutor, ye mey feel a little owerwhelmed. Dinna worry too much if ye dinna unnerstaund everything at first. Leetit ablo are some brief introductions containin aw the basics ye need tae uise, comment on, an contribute tae Wikipaedia. For a mair comprehensive airticle on hou an whaur ye can help see contributin tae Wikipaedia. Dinna be afraid tae eedit, as ye are encouraged tae be bauld! If ye do get stuck, thare are volunteers available tae answer yer quaistens, see askin for help for mair information. Hae fun!

A short video aboot that "Eedit" button an what it can dae when ye are bauld! (1:06 min)
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