Heinrich von Kleist

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Heinrich von Kleist
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Born Bernd Heinrich Wilhelm von Kleist
18 October 1777
Frankfurt (Oder), Margraviate o Brandenburg, Haly Roman Empire
Dee'd 21 November 1811(1811-11-21) (aged 34)
Kleiner Wannsee, Berlin, Kinrick o Proushie
Thrift poet, dramatist, novelist, short story writer
Naitionality German
Leeterar muivement Romanticism
Notable warks The Broken Jug, The Marquise of O, Michael Kohlhaas, Penthesilea, The Prince o Homburg


Bernd Heinrich Wilhelm von Kleist (18 October 1777 – 21 November 1811) wis a German poet, dramatist, novelist an short story writer. The Kleist Prize, a prestigious prize for German leeteratur, is named efter him, as wis the Kleist Theater in his birthplace.